Wholesaler's Information

Anyone engaged in the business of purchasing for resale at wholesale or importing alcohol beverages must first obtain a basic permit from TTB. Further, alcohol wholesalers must apply for a basic permit if they plan to export product, with or without payment of tax. Please note that you must have a permit approved by TTB in hand before commencing business.

Permit Application

All malt beverage wholesalers, importers, and exporters must file an application and necessary documents with TTB before engaging in business.

For a complete list of all necessary documents to file with your permit application, see our Informational and Application Packets or select the appropriate link below.

These packets include a combination of required forms, and instructions for completing them, along with tools and resources to aid you in filing an acceptable application.

  • Wholesaler (Alcohol): Wholesalers, businesses that sell beverage alcohol products at wholesale to other wholesalers or retailers, must first obtain a Wholesaler's Basic Permit. Producers or manufacturers of beverage alcohol products need to apply for a Wholesaler's Basic Permit only if they intend to sell beverage alcohol products that they did not produce or manufacture.
  • Importer (Alcohol): Anyone wishing to become a beverage alcohol importer, importing into the United States beverage alcohol not for personal use, and subsequently distributing the imported beverage alcohol to wholesalers or retailers, must file this application.
  • Wholesaler/Importer (Alcohol): Businesses that require a Basic Permit for Importing (to import and distribute foreign beverage alcohol) and Wholesaling (to distribute at wholesale, domestic beverage alcohol) from the same location may reduce the required paperwork by combining the applications.


If you have questions regarding permits, applications, bonds, tax payments, etc., you may contact the National Revenue Center toll-free at 1-877-882-3277 or via e-mail at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Additional information can be found on our Importers/Wholesalers page.

Page last reviewed/updated: 06/06/2017