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Processing Times for Beverage Alcohol Formulas

Our Current Processing Times chart shows up-to-date processing information for beverage alcohol formulas, both those that require sample analysis and those that do not. Use this chart, which we update daily, to estimate when your formula application is likely to be processed.

Current Beverage Alcohol Formula Processing Times:
2019 Formulation applications (all types) received year-to-date: 13,560 (as of 08/21/2019)
Application Type Average Processing Time
(Calendar Days):
Today we are Processing New* Applications where either the Formula or Sample was Received On:
Distilled Spirit Formulas -- Days --
Malt Beverage Formulas -- Days --
Wine Formulas -- Days --
All Formulas that require Sample Analysis -- Days --

*New applications are those we have not yet reviewed; however, electronic applications resubmitted with corrections always take priority over new applications.

We review formula applications in the order we receive them. If you submitted your formula application or laboratory sample after the date in the chart, then we have received your application but we have NOT assigned it to a formula specialist.

NOTE: If your formula application requires a sample for lab analysis, we begin analyzing your sample shortly after receiving it. After analyzing the sample, we return the formula application to the application queue based on the date we originally received the sample.

Reading the Chart

  • Application Type: We list the current information for formula applications where no sample analysis is required by commodity, i.e., distilled spirits, malt beverages, and wine. The formula applications for all commodities where sample analysis is required are shown in the bottom row of the chart.
  • Average Formula Processing Time (Calendar Days): This column lists the average number of days it takes to process your application, from the time we receive it (or your lab sample) until either we approve or reject it. This includes any time spent waiting in the queue, time to analyze your samples (if required), and any time spent sending electronic applications back and forth for correction.
  • Today we are Processing New* Applications where either the Formula or Sample was Received On: If you originally submitted your application or lab sample after the date posted in this column, then we have received your application but have NOT assigned it to a formula specialist and won't have any information about your application status.

Need a Status Check?

  • Remember: It's as easy as logging into your Formulas Online account - available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week - to check on the status of your application.

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Page last reviewed: March 19, 2014
Page last updated: August 21, 2019
Maintained by: Alcohol Labeling and Formulation Division

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