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October 1, 2019
Special Edition


Greetings! This special edition announces TTB’s AVA Map Explorer where you can view maps of American Viticultural Areas and more!

You’ve seen American Viticultural Areas (AVAs) printed on wine labels. You’ve seen them described in lifestyle magazines. You’ve even seen their incredibly complicated boundary descriptions in the Federal Register and Code of Federal Regulations. But you’ve never actually seen all 200+ established AVAs in one place…until now!

TTB’s AVA Map Explorer allows you to view the boundaries of all established AVAs on a single map. When you select a specific AVA, a window opens with this handy information:

  • Date the AVA was established
  • State and county where it’s located
  • Other AVAs it is within OR that it contains
  • A link to public rulemaking docket


Want to see what AVAs are within a particular location?  Just enter an address and see the results.  If you're a GIS user, you can download shape files of an AVA to make your own personalized map!

The AVA Map Explorer also allows you to see, for the first time, the boundaries of proposed AVAs during the public comment period.

What will you see on the AVA Map Explorer?  You can start exploring NOW!

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