Note: This file contains IRS Revenue Rulings and ATF/TTB Rulings related to labeling of alcohol beverages. These rulings are available for your information; however, are historical rulings that may have been modified, superseded, or made obsolete by changes in laws and regulations and may not be a complete listing of all current and valid rulings. If you need to verify the content of any ruling, refer to the IRS or ATF Bulletins. Please inform us of any suspected errors or omissions at National Revenue Center or TTB, 1310 G Street, NW., Box 12, Washington, DC 20005. For a complete list, see TTB and ATF Rulings.

  • 54-416 Labeling of Distilled Spirits
  • 54-513 Labeling and Advertising of Malt Beverages
  • 55-618 Wine Labels
  • 57-323 Trading or Bartering
  • 60-368 Markings on Packages of Distilled Spirits
  • 62-95 Statement of Alcohol Content on Labels of Malt Beverages
  • 62-224 Labeling by Wholesale Liquor Dealer
  • 71-535 Labels on Imported Alcoholic Beverages
  • 75-32 Labels on Distilled Spirits Diluted with Water
  • 76-3 Labeling of Vodka Treated with Activated Carbon as "Charcoal Filtered."
  • 79-9 Distilled Spirits Labels
  • 80-3 Labeling and Advertising of Malt Beverages
  • 2002-2 Labeling and Advertising of Flavored Malt Beverages
  • 2004-1 Caloric and Carbohydrate Representations in the Labeling and Advertising of Wine, Distilled Spirits and Malt Beverages.
  • 2014-2 Revised Interim Policy on Gluten Content Statements in the Labeling and Advertising of Wine, Distilled Spirits, and Malt Beverages


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