To Change Your Text Size

Temporarily Changing Text Size Using Keyboard Shortcuts

The quickest way to change your text size while viewing the internet is to use keyboard shortcuts. Most internet browsers support common keyboard shortcuts to increase or decrease the size of the text. These affect the current browser session only, which means if you open another tab in the browser, the text in that tab reverts to the default size.

  • To increase text size: Press Ctrl + (the plus sign) on Windows, or Cmd + on a Mac.
  • To decrease text size: Press Ctrl - (the minus sign) on Windows, or Cmd - on a Mac.

Note that these keyboard shortcuts actually zoom in or out, rather than increasing only the text size. This means that they increase the size not only of text but also images and other page elements.




Some web pages have explicitly fixed the size of text, so these methods won't work to change it. If you try the methods here and your text is unchanged, consult your internet browser’s Accessibility options to control text size.


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