New Sample Label Generator Tool Helps Industry Members with Allowable Changes

Posted 06/20/2014

TTB recently launched the Label Generator Tool for industry members –  housed at –  to help you better understand what changes you are allowed to make to your approved labels without submitting a new Application for and Certification/Exemption of Label/Bottle Approval, or COLA (TTB Form 5100.31), which can help you get your product to the market more quickly.

To use this new tool, select from the dropdown menus your commodity (distilled spirits, malt beverage, or wine,) the action you want to make to your label, and then click “SHOW ME SAMPLES.” The tool will automatically generate allowable changes, complete with sample labels for you to view.

New Label Generator

So, with a few quick clicks you can identify what changes you can make to your approved label without applying for a new COLA.

While the label generator tool shows examples of most of the allowable changes, it may not cover all circumstances. We suggest that you see the Complete List of Allowable Revisions and applicable conditions for more details about each change. 

Read TTB Public Guidance 2012-2 for additional information about allowable changes to approved labels.

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