How to Get Your TTB Approvals Quicker – Avoid These Common Errors

Posted 10/30/2020 by the Office of Communications

How to Get Your TTB Approvals Qucker – Avoid These Common Errors

We aim for timely service – and want to help minimize any application errors that delay approvals.  Below we share some tips for how to avoid some of the common problems we see on applications for malt beverage label approval and beverage formula approval.

Common Errors on Beer/Malt Beverage Labels – Net Contents Statement

One of the most common problems we see on beer/malt beverage label applications is that the net contents are incorrectly stated, which requires that we request a correction before we can issue your Certificate of Label Approval (or COLA).

Here’s a chart to help you know how the mandatory net contents statement has to appear:

Beer/Malt Beverage Net Contents Statements

If the container size is:

Then the net contents must be shown in:


If the fluid ounces are:

Then the net contents statement must be:

Less than 1 pint

Fluid ounces or fractions of a pint

8 ounces

8 fluid ounces (fl. oz.) or
½ pint (pt.) or
0.5 pint (pt.)

1 pint


16 ounces

1 pint (pt.)

More than 1 pint but less than 1 quart

Pints and fluid ounces or fractions of a quart

20 ounces

1 pint (pt.), 4 fluid ounces (fl. oz.) or
5/8 quart (qt.) or
0.63 quart (qt.)

1 quart


32 ounces

1 quart (qt.)

More than 1 quart but less than 1 gallon

Quarts, pints and fluid ounces or
fractions of a gallon

60 ounces

1 quart (qt.), 1 pint (pt.), 12 fluid
ounces (fl. oz.) or
15/32 gallon (gal.) or
0.47 gallon (gal.)

1 gallon


128 ounces

1 gallon (gal.)

More than 1 gallon

Gallons and fractions of gallons

166 ounces

1 ¼ gallons (gals.) or
1.25 gallons (gals.)

Graphic of exclamation point.

Note: When using ounces be sure to state “fluid ounces” or “fl. oz.”

Common Errors on Alcohol Beverage Formulas – Missing Supporting Documentation

Some of the most common problems we see on alcohol beverage formulas submitted through Formulas Online is that they are missing required supporting documentation that should have been uploaded by the applicant with the original submission.

Here are the most common kinds of supporting documentation and when they should be submitted with a formula application:


Supporting Document Type:

Submit if your beverage is made with:

Ingredient Specification Sheet (Spec Sheet)

A document that lists ingredients or describes the contents of an ingredient used in your alcohol beverage

Ingredient that is made from more than one component

(e.g., chocolate syrup, breakfast cereal, tomato sauce)

Flavor Ingredient Data Sheet (FIDS)

A spreadsheet that includes key information about the ingredients in a manufactured flavor, cloudifier, or blender

Compounded (manufactured) flavor, cloudifier, or blender

(purchased from a flavor manufacturer)

Limited Ingredient Calculation Worksheet

A spreadsheet that calculates the total amounts of TTB and FDA limited ingredients present in your beverage

Compounded (manufactured) flavor, cloudifier, or blender

(purchased from a flavor manufacturer)


To learn more about these supporting documents and to view examples, visit our Alcohol Beverage Formula Approval page. You can save time and avoid having your formula sent back for correction by gaining an understanding of these requirements before you submit your next formula.




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