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TTB Online is a suite of Web-based tools that allow you to complete certain transactions online with TTB. Use our free online tools to prepare and file your permit applications, operational reports, tax returns, and formula applications, or to apply for label approval, pay your federal excise taxes, or browse the Public COLA Registry. 

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  • Create and submit labels electronically
  • Track your submission online
  • Email confirmation of receipt of label applications, and a unique TTB tracking number
  • Faster approvals than with paper applications
  • Fewer rejections for omissions of data due to built-in business rules

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  • Apply for and submit your permit application electronically
  • Check the status of your application online
  • Upload documents electronically

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  • Draft, submit, and track your beverage formula application
  • Process drawback and Specially Denatured Alcohol formulas
  • Use a singleUser ID to access Formulas and COLAs Online
  • Data validation checkfor a more accurate application
  • Application status emailed to you

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  • File electronic operational reports
  • Make federal excise tax payments/returns

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Explore the public side of COLAs Online to access:

  • Approved
  • Expired
  • Surrendered, or
  • Revoked COLAs

Search the COLA Public Registry


TTB conducts routine maintenance for our online applications, making them periodically unavailable. Please check our System Maintenance Schedule for the latest system status.


Our processing times vary depending on the type of application you submit. Please see the latest TTB Application Processing Times to get a general idea of when your application may be handled. Log into your account to check the current status of your application.


If you need technical assistance with any of these systems, please see our TTB Online Help Center or contact the TTB Helpdesk. For all other questions relating to the application process or qualification requirements, please refer to the customer page for each application. Please note that the TTB Helpdesk can only provide you with assistance in troubleshooting technical issues with the system.

Last updated: March 18, 2024
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