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Winery/Taxpaid Wine Bottling House

Anyone wishing to operate a Bonded Winery (BW or BWN), Bonded Wine Cellar (BWC) or Taxpaid Wine Bottling House (TPWBH) must first apply to TTB and receive permission to start operations.  We encourage everyone to apply using our totally free online application system, Permits Online.  Permits Online eliminates the need to mail in forms, which saves you time and effort and generally results in faster processing of your application.  Applicants not using Permits Online must use the application packet below and mail in the application.  Proprietors of Bonded Wineries, Bonded Wine Cellars and Taxpaid Wine Bottling Houses may not begin operations until TTB gives approval.

If you need to make an amendment to an existing permit, please see our page on amending an approved permit, registration, or notice using Permits Online.

Apply Online!

Attention Winery Applicants 
Wine Premises Application Checklist 
TTB F 5000.8Power of Attorney
TTB F 5000.9Personnel Questionnaire
TTB F 5100.1Signing Authority for Corporate and LLC Officials
Instructions for completion of Form 5100.24
TTB F 5100.24Application for Basic Permit Under FAA Act
Specific Instructions for completion of Form 5120.25
TTB F 5120.25Application to Establish and Operate Wine Premises
Wine Bond WorksheetUNDER REVIEW - updated version to be published shortly
Wine Bond RegulationsExcerpts provided for your convenience
TTB F 5120.36Wine Bond
Interest/Stockholders ListSample format: Reporting stock/share distributions
Industry Circular 2004-2 
SS-4Application for Employer Identification Number
SS-4 InstructionsApplication for Employer Identification Number Instructions
SS4 (Puerto Rico) 
SS4 (Puerto Rico) Instructions 
Part 1, FAA Act RegulationsExcerpts provided for your convenience
Submit by Company 
Information for Alternating ProprietorsSee Frequently Asked Question W10
Industry Circular 2008-4 

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Last updated: April 1, 2024