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Unlock Your Locked Account

To protect your sensitive data, TTB Formulas Online/COLAs Online accounts are locked after:

  • Someone has tried to log in unsuccessfully more than 10 times, or
  • You have not accessed the account in more than 2 years

If your account is locked due to too many log in attempts: You will receive an email from “do-not-reply-myttb@ttb.gov” alerting you that your account has been locked.  After a period of 15 minutes, your account will automatically be unlocked, and you can try logging in again.

If you need to access your account before it is automatically unlocked, please call TTB at 866-927-2533 (7am-8pm EST, Mon-Fri; select option 2) and we will manually unlock your account.

If your account is locked due to inactivity: You will receive an email 14 days before your account is locked reminding you to log in in order to keep your account active.  If you miss this email and your account becomes locked, please call TTB at 866-927-2533 (7am-8pm EST, Mon-Fri; select option 2) and we will unlock your account.

Please note: Setting a new password while your account is locked will not work.  If you need to set a new password, please wait until your account is unlocked, and then try setting a new password.






Questions? Please call us at 866-927-2533 (7am-8pm EST, Mon-Fri) and select option 2 for assistance, or submit an online inquiry.


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