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Part One - What You Need To Know Before You Apply (Tobacco Export Warehouse Proprietor)

Before starting your tobacco application, you should gather the documentation that TTB will require you to upload with your application package.

Export Warehouse Proprietor

Documentation to Gather Before You Apply

Tobacco BondTTB Form 5200.29, Tobacco Bond - A bond is an insurance agreement pledging security for payment of taxes, including penalties and interest, for which you may become liable.
For a Corporation  - A copy of your Articles of Incorporation and/or Certificate of IncorporationDocuments filed with the state that legally records the creation of a corporation.
For a Limited Liability Company - A copy of your Articles of Organization and/or Certificate of OrganizationDocuments filed with the state outlining the formation of a limited liability company.  
For a Partnership – A copy of your partnership agreementA contract between partners that sets out the terms and conditions of the partnership. 
Lease Agreement or Proof of Property Ownership

If you are leasing the property/premises where you will be conducting your operations, you must submit a copy of your signed and dated lease agreement. 

This agreement must show that the property owner knows how you intend to use the property and gives consent for you to use the building/land for this purpose. 

We need this information even if the owners or officers of the company own the property and are leasing to the company. 

If you own the property/premises then you must provide proof of ownership, such as a deed.

Signing Authority Authorization

You must supply proof that any person who will sign documents, forms, reports, etc., or who will correspond with TTB about this business, has legal authority to do so.  Proof of signing authority includes such things as:

Diagram of the Tobacco Premises

The diagram of the premises must meet the following conditions:   

  • Where the permitted premises is in more than one building, and each building is not identifiable by a separate street address, the diagram must identify each building by a letter, number, or similar designation
  • Where the permitted premises consists of a portion of a building or where portions of buildings are part of the premises, the diagram must show the particular floor or floors, or room or rooms, comprising the factory



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Last updated: March 27, 2024