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Permits Online Tutorials Part 1 SDA P1

Part One - What You Need To Know Before You Apply (Specially Denatured Spirits and Tax Free Alcohol)

Did you Know…

Specially Denatured Spirits (Users and Dealers)

  • A user purchases SDS to use in a process or in the manufacture of a substance, preparation, or product. SDS has many uses, such as: In laboratories as a solvent, for cleansing purposes, or in the preparation of indicator solutions and reagents, in the manufacture of such articles as perfumes, proprietary solvents, tobacco flavors, lotions and sprays, in conversion processes to produce other substances, such as vinegar or ethyl acetate
  • If you use only small amounts of a SDS formula for laboratory purposes, you could use reagent alcohol instead of SDS.  Reagent alcohol is an ethyl alcohol denatured with approximately 5 percent methyl alcohol and further denatured with 5 parts per hundred of isopropyl alcohol. If you obtain reagent alcohol in containers exceeding 4 liters, a letterhead application must be filed with TTB
  • A dealer purchases and stores SDS for resale to users of SDS or to other dealers? A dealer conducts no manufacturing or processing operations but may package SDS in appropriate size containers for resale

Tax Free Alcohol:

  • One may not use tax free alcohol to manufacture any product, make a profit, or in any product resulting from the use of tax free alcohol which may be sold
  • You cannot apply for a Tax Free alcohol permit for the sole purpose of “cleaning equipment”
  • The use of tax free alcohol for scientific research does not include ordinary product testing, routine laboratory research, enhancing and testing existing technologies, any research where you will be compensated


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Last updated: March 27, 2024