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Permits Online Tutorials Part 2 P7

Note: This page contains instructions and screenshots so you can see what to expect when using Permits Online, our online method of applying for a TTB permit, registration, or notice.

Part Two - Submitting Your Application

Select which commodity you are applying for.  Depending on your answer the wizard will show which applications best match your planned operations.   For example, if you choose Spirits from the dropdown then a list of all applicable applications will be revealed.

Next you will need to tell us some information about the business, such as, the business structure, your Employer Identification number, business name. 

As part of this process we need personal information on each owner, officer, director, member, manager of the company.   In addition to the officers, we need information on anyone who holds stock or interest in the company having at least ten (10) percent or more.  

How will you supply this information?   

We will need to know how many PQ applications will be submitted with this application.  Sound confusing?  Okay, let’s say you have three officers, President, Vice President and Secretary for your company.   The Secretary decides to complete their own PQ application later.  So for this application package you would be submitting two PQ Applications.    


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Permits Online makes it easy for you to electronically apply for and update the permit, registration, or notice you need to operate a TTB-regulated business. Once you have registered to use Permits Online, just log in and follow the instructions and prompts for submitting your application package. There is no fee to apply.



Last updated: March 27, 2024