Permits Online: Preview the Amended Application for Trade Names

File this application if you need to:

  • Add new labeling or bottling on account for trade names
  • Remove labeling or bottling on account for trade names

Note: You may add and/or remove multiple trade names in one application.

Note: Amended applications for trade names are automatically approved.  It may take up to 24 hours for these amendments to be reflected on your approval documents, but the amendments are considered approved when you receive the automated approval notification.

Note: not all questions shown in the screen prints below will appear when you fill out your application.  Some questions appear based on the answers you select.

Step 1: View contact information


Step 2: Trade name information

To remove a trade name, select the checkbox next to the row(s) to be removed and select "Delete Selected."


Select "Add a Row" for each trade name you wish to add.

Note: Depending on the type of trade name you select, the questions will change.


Step 3: Upload required documents

If you are adding a bottling on account for trade name you must upload a letter from the registered owner of the trade name giving you permission to use it.




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