Permits Online: Correcting Application Errors and Omissions

TTB performs a thorough review of applications, and if we find we need additional information or documents, or if we see something that needs to be corrected, we will change the status of the application to "Corrections Requested."  We then send an email to the person who submitted the application (i.e., the application contact) with instructions on how to view and supply the information or documents we need.

Because you, the applicant, cannot edit what you've entered in the fields in an application after you submit it, TTB will make any necessary corrections/additions for you.  You may, however, upload additional supporting documents, if needed.  Follow the instructions in your "Corrections Requested" email.  See the step-by-step instructions for additional information.

Typically, you'll have 15 calendar days to supply the information we request.  If you need additional time, be sure to let the TTB Specialist know. If we don't hear from you or don't receive all the information we need in order to determine if the application can be approved, we'll change the status to "Abandoned," and if you want to proceed later you'll have to start over from scratch.

Step-by-step: Correcting Errors and Omissions

Login to Permits Online, and from the homepage select the "My Submissions" tab to find your application.

Select the application tracking number of the application you need to correct.  The application status will be "Correction Requested."

Select the arrow next to "Processing History."

Select the arrow next to either "Entity Review," "Initial Review," "Specialist Review," or "Manager Disposition," whichever is displaying for this application.

Select the plus sign (+) box to view the TTB comments regarding your application.

You, the applicant, cannot edit the information contained in your application after it has been submitted it to TTB.  The assigned TTB Specialist will indicate in the message how you should respond with the corrected/additional information.

If TTB requests additional supporting documents, you may upload them to your application in Permits Online.

To attach documents to a previously-submitted application, first select the tracking number for the application on the My Submissions screen.

Scroll down to the "Supporting Documents and Attachments" section.  Click the arrow to expand the section.

Select the "Add" button below the Attachment List.

A browser window will open.  You may select one or multiple documents to upload.  Select "Open."

For each document you are uploading, select a document type from the dropdown and enter a description, and then select "Save Attachments."

A message will display once the document(s) have successfully uploaded.

You will receive an individual email notification for each document you upload.

Each document you have uploaded will appear in the Attachment List.  If you need to upload additional documents, click the "Add" button, and follow these steps again.


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For more information on the permit application process, contact the TTB National Revenue Center (NRC) toll-free at 877-882-3277 / 877-TTB-FAQS or submit an online inquiry. For technical assistance with Permits Online see our TTB Online Help Center.

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