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Part Three - What to Expect after Submission

After We Receive Your Application

Once the system accepts your application package, it will be assigned immediately.  We generally work on applications in the order they are received, so you may not hear from us right away.  A thorough review will take place which will result in one of the following:

Missing Required Documents

If required supporting documentation was not submitted, we’ll email the person who was designated as the “Application Contact,” with a list of what is missing.  The status of the application will change to “Corrections Requested.”  Once you upload the required document(s) in Permits Online, our review of the application will continue.  IMPORTANT - You MUST upload the requested documentation within 15 days of notification or your application may be “Abandoned.”

Corrections Needed

If your application needs corrections, we’ll email or call the “Application Contact” and describe the corrections that need to be made.  Generally, with your permission, we will make the corrections to the application for you.


If your application is deemed acceptable as submitted, it will be approved.

Application Review


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