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Industry Circulars 19-2 Attachment D

Instructions for Filing Paper Permit Applications and Requests for Acceptance in the Temporary Voluntary Disclosure Program

TTB Industry Circular 2019-2
Attachment D

All eligible industry members can file the documents for this Temporary Voluntary Disclosure Program electronically through Permits Online, even if they have not used Permits Online before.  Using Permits Online allows TTB to receive and process the documents more quickly, and provide status updates more easily.  If you have not yet registered for Permits Online, instructions are included in Attachment A and Attachment B, and once you have registered, you can use Permits Online for your future permit-related submissions with TTB.

To participate in this Temporary Voluntary Disclosure Program, you must submit a permit application (and supporting documentation) as well as a written Request and Certification statement. A sample statement is provided in Attachment A.

Permit Application

Following a change in control or proprietorship, an industry member must obtain a new permit.  The application package following a change in control or proprietorship must include the appropriate TTB forms as well as required supporting documentation described below.

Required to be filed by all industry members seeking participation in the temporary program:

TTB F 5100.24

Application for Basic Permit Under FAA Act

Applicants should also send the applicable supporting documentation:

Signing Authority Authorization

You must supply proof that any person who will sign documents, forms (including the application form listed above), etc., or who will correspond with TTB about this business, has legal authority to do so.  Proof of signing authority includes such things as:

Request and Certification Statement

Industry members must submit a signed, written statement on company letterhead requesting that TTB accept the voluntary disclosure under this Temporary Voluntary Disclosure Program.  The written statement must also contain a certification that the industry member expressly acknowledges and consents that, if TTB approves the application and issues a new permit, TTB may take action against the new permit for violations (other than the unreported change in control or proprietorship) that took place prior to the issue date of the new permit.  A sample statement is provided in Attachment A.

This statement should be submitted together with the forms and documentation listed above.

Delivery Options

You have two options for submitting these documents to TTB; email or mail:

Email: Scan each document separately and email them together to TTB using our email encryption service.  Simply register your email address with Zix Portal, or log in using a previously registered email address.  Send the encrypted email to:  CIC2019@ttb.gov

IMPORTANT: Because these documents contain Personally Identifiable Information (PII) such as Employer Identification Numbers and Social Security Numbers, we strongly recommend that you do not send these documents directly to TTB using unencrypted email!

Mail the paper documents to:

Alcohol and Tobacco Tax and Trade Bureau
National Revenue Center
Wholesaler/Importer Temporary Voluntary Disclosure Program
550 Main Street
Room 8970
Cincinnati, OH  45202-521


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