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Staying Compliant: What You Should Know about Paying Federal Excise Taxes and Filing Operational Reports


Posted 02/19/2020 by the Office of Communications

As a TTB-regulated industry member, you may be responsible for paying federal excise taxes and filing operational reports. Your obligations will depend on your circumstances and business type. (See the 2020 due dates or the chart below for your business situation.)

2020 Tax Returns and Reports Due Dates

Alcohol and Tobacco Excise Tax Returns

Annual Filers Due Date 
Quarterly Tax Due Dates 
Semi-Monthly Tax Due Dates

Alcohol and Tobacco Operational Reports

Operational Reports Due Dates

Alcohol and Tobacco Export Documentation 
Export Documentation Due Dates
Firearms and Ammunition Excise Tax Returns 
Excise Tax Due Dates


Don’t Miss Due Dates

By filing on time, you can avoid penalties and interest. So let us help you be prepared when the time comes!  Subscribe to receive automated email reminders when it's your time to file. You can get your filing done on time (or even early) and avoid the stress of searching for last-minute tax information.


Save time and file online. You may be eligible for filing electronically with Pay.gov, a convenient and fast way to make secure electronic tax payments and submit operational reports to TTB.

There are some requirements for becoming a Pay.gov user, including having signing authority or power of attorney and submitting a user agreement.

Learn more about getting started on TTB’s Pay.gov customer page.

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