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Fact Sheets

About TTB

This fact sheet gives you a history of the agency, its mission, statutory authority, and more.

Alcohol Beverage Advertising

Get information about alcohol beverage advertising requirements, as well as prohibited practices and how to report advertisements that you believe violate TTB regulations.

Contacting TTB

Get a listing of contact information for TTB topics such as taxes, permits, labeling, as well as how to contact our laboratories and field offices.

Disaster Relief

Get information about tax relief options, qualifying for a waiver, filing claims, and contacting TTB with questions if your business was affected by a natural disaster.

Trade Practices

Learn about the trade practice provisions of the law that prohibit industry members from engaging in marketing practices that may create an unfair advantage over their competitors.

Cider Fact Sheet

One page resource for Cideries with information and links for formulas, labeling, and tax rates.

Mead Fact Sheet

One page resource on mead/honey wine with information and links for formulas, labeling, and tax rates.

Wine Fact Sheet


Contact Us

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Page last updated: October 19, 2023

Last updated: October 19, 2023