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Wine Labeling: Percentage of Foreign Wine

A statement of the percentage and origin of foreign wine (e.g., "30% Grape Wine from Italy") is required on blends of American and foreign wines if any reference to the presence of foreign wine is made on the label.

Where should the percentage of foreign wine statement be placed on the product?

It must appear on the brand label of the container.

What are the formatting requirements for the statement of the percentage of foreign wine?


  • Minimum 2 mm for containers larger than 187 ml,


  • Minimum 1 mm for containers of 187 ml or less.

Note: The minimum type size applies to each numeral or letter in the statement, including both upper-case and lower-case letters.


  • Must be readily legible under ordinary conditions;
  • Must appear on a contrasting background; and
  • Must appear separate and apart from, or be substantially more conspicuous than, descriptive or explanatory information.




See percentage of foreign wine regulations at 27 CFR 4.32(a)(4) (unless otherwise noted).

TTB G 2019-10




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