Regulations, Laws, and Public Guidance

TTB enforces the laws and writes the regulations relating to the collection of alcohol, tobacco, and firearms and ammunition excises taxes, as well as the labeling, advertising and marketing of alcohol beverages. We enforce these laws and regulations in a manner that protects the revenue and the consumer, and promotes voluntary compliance.

What is the rulemaking process?

Learn about the rulemaking process and how our regulations come to be, what they are, and where to find them.

What is TTB's authority under the United States Code?

TTB gets its authority from provisions of Federal law in the United States Code (U.S.C.), Titles 26 and 27, as delegated to the Bureau by the Secretary of the Treasury.

What Federal regulations pertain to TTB?

The regulations issued by Federal agencies are contained in the Code of Federal Regulations (CFR), which consists of 50 “titles” covering broad subject areas.  The alcohol, tobacco, and other regulations administered by TTB are contained in Title 27, Chapter I, of the Code of Federal Regulations (27 CFR Chapter I).  Each title of the CFR is divided into “chapters,” then "parts," which cover a more particular subject.  Each part is further divided into "sections" containing specific regulations.

You may search, view, and print each part of 27 CFR Chapter I, or a single section of a part, free of charge using the online “e-CFR”* which is updated continually and contains the most current version of the TTB regulations.

* While the e-CFR contains an accurate version of all Federal regulations, the e-CFR is not considered to be the official version of the Code of Federal Regulations.  The official paper version of the TTB regulations in 27 CFR Chapter I is updated annually on April 1st.  Through the Federal Digital System (FDsys), you may search, view, and print the official annual edition of 27 CFR Chapter I online at no charge, or you may purchase paper copies of the annual edition from the United States Government Printing Office.  Regulatory changes made during the year after April 1st are published in the daily Federal Register, viewable and searchable here and here.

What are Notices of Proposed Rulemaking?

When Congress passes a law, the appropriate Federal agency often must make new regulations to implement the new law. We propose new regulations by publishing a Notice of Proposed Rulemaking (NPRM) for public comments.

What other guidance does TTB provide to the public?

TTB has a collection of public guidance that includes Rulings, Procedures, Delegation Orders, Industry Circulars and other publications issued to the regulated industries to explain the requirements of TTB regulations.

Is there similar information at the State level?

Each of the 50 States, as well as some local jurisdictions, has their own alcohol and tobacco laws and regulations.


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