TTB Strategic Goals

In the TTB Strategic Plan for Fiscal Years 2018 – 2022, we established five-year strategic goals to set the long-term outcomes and direction for our programs. As a results-oriented culture, we also instituted certain priority goals, which have quantified and time-bound outcomes to ensure interim progress and significant improvements along the way.

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GOAL 1: Facilitate Commerce through the Timely Issuance of Permits to Qualified Applicants
Streamline permit applications to reduce applicant burden and use technology to minimize application errors and improve processing times.
Priority Goal

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GOAL 2: Facilitate Commerce through a Modern Labeling Program Focused on Service and Market Compliance
Provide timely and consistent service, reducing the burden of resubmissions on industry and TTB, and employ risk-based market sampling and investigations to ensure product integrity and fair competition.

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GOAL 3: Improve Tax Compliance through Increased Voluntary Compliance and Enhanced Enforcement
Improve tax compliance through updated filings, processes, and technologies; enhanced analytics and other detection tools; and improved taxpayer education and outreach.

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GOAL 4: Address Cross-Border Tax Risk through Data Driven Enforcement
Improve diversion detection and enforcement in the cross-border trade of alcohol and tobacco products through the full integration of advanced analytics tools into enforcement planning and processes.

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GOAL 5: Equip the Workforce for Professional Growth and Development by Revitalizing TTB Training
Prepare the workforce to meet mission challenges through effective assessments of individual and organizational training needs and increasing availability of training opportunities to address critical skill gaps.

How does TTB support U.S. Treasury strategic goals?

TTB's tax and trade functions are ingrained in the core mission of the Department of the Treasury. TTB Goals 1 – 4 directly support the Treasury Goal to Boost U.S. Economic Growth and TTB Goal 5 supports the Treasury Goal to Achieve Operational Excellence.  View the Department of the Treasury Strategic Plan 2018–2022 and the TTB Strategic Plan for Fiscal Years 2018 – 2022 for additional details.





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