What's New in Permits Online v5.0

Permits Online v5.0 was launched on July 31, 2018. The improvements we made will simplify your experience in submitting new applications and make it easier to maintain and update your TTB permits, registrations, and notices.

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The Wizard and the Application Package

We've added easy to use wizards to help you identify, fill out, and submit a package of the applications you need in order to obtain or amend your TTB permits. The wizards guide you by asking a series of questions, and depending on your answers create an application package. Once you've completed and reviewed all the applications you submit the entire package to TTB with a single click.

For more information: New Applications Wizard

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Entity Records and Commodity Operations Records


Information in Permits Online is now organized in two different kinds of records; business entity records and commodity operations records. The entity record equates to a single company or business entity, represented by a unique Employer Identification Number (EIN). A commodity record is created for each TTB-regulated operation or permit, registration, or notice the entity is approved for.

For more information: Business Entity Records and Commodity Operations Records

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Amend the Entity Record Instead of Amending Each Permit

Because we restructured the records to separate the entity information from the commodity information, if your company holds multiple permits under the same EIN and you need to report a change to the business entity you can file just one entity amendment application.  When approved, those changes are automatically associated with all corresponding permits held by that entity.

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Submit Multiple Amendments at One Time

In earlier versions of Permits Online you were limited to submitting one change (or amendment) at a time, and you had to wait until TTB acted on that amendment before submitting another.  While you'll still have to wait for TTB to act before requesting additional changes, you may now submit multiple amendments at one time.  This will save you both time and effort.

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Auto-approval of Certain Amendments

Labeling trade name requests

We recognize the importance of having labeling trade name amendments approved in a timely manner.  Now, most labeling trade name amendments are automatically approved.  If the requested trade name passes certain system checks, your trade name amendment will be approved instantly*, otherwise, the amendment will get assigned to a TTB specialist to process.

Mailing address changes

Now, all mailing address changes are automatically approved upon submission of your amendment*.

*It may take up to 24 hours for these amendments to be reflected on your approval documents, but the amendments are considered approved when you receive the automated approval notification.

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OOIs and Personnel Questionnaires

The Owner Officer Information application (OOI) is (again!) called a Personnel Questionnaire. Any OOI applications that you previously submitted in Permits Online are still labeled as OOIs and you can still associate them with new applications or amendments.

We've also significantly reduced the number of questions we ask on the Personnel Questionnaire, making it much less burdensome for applicants.

For more information: Personnel Questionnaires

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Key Contacts

Permits Online now requires that you designate at least one owner or officer of the business as a key contact. The purpose of having a key contact is to ensure that there is a person at the TTB-regulated business who has access to all Permits Online applications and records for their company, rather than just the application contact, who may or may not have a long-term relationship with the permitted entity.

For more information: Key Contacts

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Paper Filers Can use Permits Online

We've auto-transferred the records for previous applications that were submitted and approved on paper forms into the new entity and commodity record structure in Permits Online. With the exception of the few application types that cannot be filed through Permits Online, now most industry members are able to submit all new and amended applications for those businesses electronically using Permits Online.

For more information: Request to have Records for Applications filed on Paper Linked to Your Account

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New "Delete Attachments" Function

We added a delete function to the Attachments section so if you accidentally upload the wrong supporting documents you can delete them before you submit your application.

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Application Tracking Numbers

You'll no longer receive multiple tracking numbers for the same application. Because we're splitting the application process into the business entity record and the commodity or permit record you will receive separate tracking numbers for each of those application types. We also removed the amendment type designation from amendment tracking numbers.

For more information: Tracking Numbers

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Serial Numbers

The format of the serial numbers appearing on your permits/registrations/notices has changed. The new serial numbers, which are system-generated, are the Julian date (year and day) that the associated new or amended application was filed.

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Elimination of Environmental Information

We've begun the process of evaluating the information we collect in conjunction with applications, and we determined that it is no longer necessary for TTB to collect the environmental information appearing on TTB Form 5000.29.

What this means is that you will no longer see the environmental information questions in new or amended applications in Permits Online; however the questions pertaining to water quality remain.

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NEW Permits Online Customer Page and Help Center

We redesigned the Permits Online Customer Page, making it easier to find the information you need. We also created a whole new Permits Online Help Center with guidance, videos, tutorials, and other information to help you get the most out of Permits Online.

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For more information on the permit application process, contact the TTB National Revenue Center (NRC) toll-free at 877-882-3277 / 877-TTB-FAQS or submit an online inquiry. For technical assistance about Permits Online see our TTB Online Help Center.

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