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Distilled Spirits Industry Circulars

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Over the years TTB and its predecessor agencies have issued "Industry Circulars" to help industry members understand and comply with applicable laws and regulations.

Below you will find TTB industry circulars pertaining to the distilled spirits industry.

Please note that these circulars may be modified, superseded, or made obsolete by changes in laws and regulations and may not be a complete listing of all current and valid industry circulars.

View more industry circulars here.

  • 2018-7 - Industry Compliance with Trade Practice Laws and Regulations
  • 2018-6 - Guidance Regarding Formulas for Certain Alcoholic Beverages
  • 2018-5 - Single Taxpayer Rules for Credits and Reduced Rates on Beer, Wine, and Distilled Spirits Produced in the United States
  • 2018-3 - Alternation of Premises for Storage of Tax-Determined and Non-Tax Determined Distilled Spirits, Wine, and Beer
  • 2018-2 - Expansion of Allowable Changes to Approved Alcohol Beverage Labels
  • 2017-4 - Voluntary Beverage Alcohol Recalls
  • 2012-2 - Tie-In Sales - An Unlawful Trade Practice
  • 2012-1 - Guidance Regarding Industry Members' Participation in Retail Programs
  • 2011-4 - Streamlining the Certificate of Label Approval Review Process
  • 2011-2 - Application of Alcohol Beverage Advertising Regulations to Television Advertising
  • 2011-1 - Application of Alcohol Beverage Advertising Regulations to Media Personality Sponsorships
  • 2010-8 - Alcohol Beverages Containing Added Caffeine
  • 2010-6 - Voluntary Alcohol Beverage Recalls [Superseded by 2017-4 - Voluntary Beverage Alcohol Recalls]
  • 2010-4, Country of Origin Certification Requirements for Imported Wines and Distilled Spirits
  • 2007–5 Use of the Term Absinthe for Distilled Spirits
  • 2006-3 Standard of Identity for Tequila
  • 2006-2 Use of Genetically Modified Materials and Export Implications
  • 2005-1 Pay.gov Updated with Distilled Spirits Operational Reports
  • 2004-5 Voluntary Disclosure Program
  • 2004-4 Guidelines for Submitting Operational Reports
  • 2004-3 FAQs
  • 2004-3 Alcohol and Tobacco Export Documentation Procedures
  • 2004-2 Using Pay.gov To Submit Alcohol and Tobacco Excise Tax Returns, Tax Payments, and Operational Reports
  • 2003-6 COLAs Online
  • 2003-5 TTB Form 5100.31, Application for and Certification/Exemption of Label/Bottle Approval (COLA)
  • 2003-3 Tie-In Sales - An Unlawful Trade Practice NOTE: Superseded by Industry Circular 2012-2
  • 2003-1 Establishment of the Alcohol and Tobacco Tax and Trade Bureau
  • 2000-2 Exportation of distilled spirits, wine, beer & tobacco products without payment of tax


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Last updated: April 5, 2024