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TTB periodically participates in industry conferences and seminars to provide training or relevant TTB-related information. We also occasionally hold our own training events, such as webinars or seminars. We’re sharing those presentations here for everyone’s benefit. Choose from the topics below to see a listing of related presentations.

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Wine: Common Compliance Issues (January 2022) 
This presentation provides a look at what to expect in an investigation and identifies the most common compliance issues for wineries found by TTB investigators, including tips on how to prevent them!

Wine Labeling Overview (February 2021) 
This presentation covers mandatory information on wine labels, explains Conditional Approvals and Qualifications, how to avoid common errors on your wine label application, and top errors we see on wine label applications

Mead Formulas and Labels - MeadCon (March 2020)
This presentation covers the basics of the TTB formula and labeling requirements for honey wine/mead.

The ABCs of AVAs (American Viticultural Areas) (March 2020)
This presentation covers the basic requirements for a petition to establish a new American Viticultural Area (AVA) and the most common problems TTB sees in the petitions it reviews. The presentation also describes the rulemaking steps TTB takes once it accepts a petition in order to complete the AVA establishment process.


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CiderCon 2022: Introduction to TTB's Legal Framework for Cider (February 2022)

CiderCon 2022: Labeling of Hard Ciders Under TTB Jurisdiction (February 2022)

CiderCon 2022: TTB Cider Formula Approvals (February 2022)

CiderCon 2022: TTB Records, Reports, and Returns (February 2022)


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2022 KombuchaKon: Hard Kombucha- An Overview of TTB Federal Regulatory Requirements

2022 New York State Brewers Conferences: Formulas and Labels for Beer/Malt Beverages

Craft Brewers Conference (CBC) 2022: TTB Boot Camp for Brewers: This year we presented our TTB Boot Camp for Brewers series during the CBC. You can access the presentations here:

TTB Boot Camp for Brewers: The Basics (May 2022)
In this introductory session, we give an overview of the Alcohol and Tobacco Tax and Trade Bureau (TTB) and the functions we perform that are relevant to brewers. We also provide an overview of the TTB laws and regulations that apply to brewers and cover the highlights of TTB Brewers Notices.

Records, Reports, and Returns (May 2022)
In this session, we cover what you need to know about federal beer excise taxes, including calculating how much tax you owe, filing your tax returns, and completing brewery operational reports. We also include some tips on how to avoid problems that might negatively impact your tax liability.

Formulas (May 2022)
In this session you'll learn how the ingredients and processes you use to make your beer impact whether or not you’ll need TTB formula approval. We cover how to determine if your product requires a formula (and which kinds have been exempted from formula approval), and how to apply for formula approval. We also go over the information and supporting documents you need to include when you apply for formula approval, and tips on how to submit a formula that we can evaluate without having to come back to you for additional information.

Labeling (May 2022)
Beer labels must include certain information based on how they are formulated and where they will be sold. This session covers all of the mandatory labeling information for beers as outlined in the labeling regulations and the relevant TTB rulings. We also tell you the top label and application errors that we see and give you tips on how to avoid them!

Nontraditional Products: Low and No Alcohol Beer and Hard Seltzers (May 2022)
Low and no alcohol beer and malt beverages have different requirements, depending on how and where they are made and where they are sold. This session covers basic definitions and explains which requirements apply to which products. We also cover the basics of how TTB regulates hard seltzers, with a focus on labeling requirements.

Regulatory Update: Labeling Modernization for Malt Beverages (May 2022)
This presentation gives a high-level summary of recent regulatory changes resulting from TTB's efforts to modernize the labeling and advertising regulations related to malt beverages.

Craft Brewers Conference 2018: Exporting Beer (April 2018)
This presentation covers what brewers need to know about reporting and documenting beer exports.

COLAs Online/Labeling

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COLAs Online Workshop - Webinar (September 29, 2020)
This presentation describes how to register for COLAs Online, how to submit an application for a certificate of label approval (COLA) for an alcohol beverage through COLAs Online, how to avoid image and application errors, and the contents of the Public COLA Registry.

COLAs Online - Conditionally Approved Status – Webinar (June 2019)
COLAs Online, our system for electronic submission of applications for certificates of label approval (COLAs), has a new status, Conditionally Approved. Under certain limited circumstances, TTB specialists reviewing COLA applications may propose changes to the information you entered in the application. This presentation gives you an overview of the process for viewing, accepting, or declining the proposed changes.

Firearms & Ammunition Excise Tax (FAET)

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Introduction to the Firearms and Ammunition Excise Tax (January 2022)
This presentation covers background of the firearms and ammunition excise tax and details about filing the tax return and paying the tax before going into a line-by-line discussion of the tax return itself.

What to Expect on a TTB Audit – Firearms and Ammunition Excise Tax (January 2022)
The presentation provides an overview of the Tax Audit Division and audit process. The most common problems found in audits of firearms and ammunition industry members are also discussed.

Alcohol Beverage Formulas & Nonbeverage Products

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Using Hemp and Hemp Derivatives in Alcohol Beverages (February 2021)
This presentation covers basic information on TTB's policy for including hemp in alcohol beverage formulas, and generally describes the laws governing hemp ingredients and the authorities responsible for enforcing those laws.

Formulas Online 101: Nonbeverage Alcohol Products (September 2015)
This presentation is designed for industry members and third parties submitting formulas and samples for nonbeverage products through Formulas Online.

Formulas Online SDA (September 2013)
This presentation is designed for industry members and third parties submitting formulas and samples for articles made with specially denatured spirits through Formulas Online.

Formulas Online: Dietary Supplements (September 2013)
This presentation is designed for industry members and third parties submitting formulas and samples for nonbeverage products using dietary supplements through Formulas Online.

How to Register and Submit Formulas through Formulas Online (July 2018)
This presentation is designed for industry members and third parties submitting alcohol beverages formulas and samples using Formulas Online.

Formula Webinars: the Alcohol Labeling and Formulation Division presented this series of webinars covering the basics for domestic producers on when a formula is required, what to include in a formula, how to apply for formula approval, and common reasons we return formulas for correction.

Distilled Spirits

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These presentations, given during the TTB roundtable sessions at the DISCUS 2021 Annual Conference, provide a high-level overview of distilled spirits permit, formula, and label requirements.

Whisky Webinar (2018)

This presentation covers the basics of whisky production, formulas, and labeling.

2021 ACSA Distillers Convention and Trade Show


Trade Practices

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Federal Trade Practices: What Every Industry Member Should Know (April through July, 2018):
Held in Miami, San Francisco, Chicago, and Boston, TTB, in cooperation with various state agencies, conducted seminars designed to help educate industry on the basic tenets of trade practice laws and regulations.

Alcohol Import/Export

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Alcohol Beverage Export Certificates - Webinar (March 2021)
This presentation covers the basics of TTB-issued export certificates, which are required by certain foreign governments as a condition for the importation of some U.S. alcohol beverages.


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TTB Basics for Importers of Large Cigars (June 2021)
This presentation covers information such as TTB tobacco importer permits, recordkeeping, and claims, as well as what to expect during a TTB audit.


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