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Flavors Used in Alcohol Beverages

  • The flavor manufacturer must provide to the alcohol beverage manufacturer the identity of all U.S. Food and Drug Administration limited ingredients, TTB limited ingredients, color additives, and ingredients that may affect the labeling of the beverage alcohol product.
  • The flavor manufacturer may download and use the Flavor Ingredient Data Sheet (FIDS) to disclose those ingredients that are limited, are color additives, or would affect the labeling of the alcohol beverage (e.g., acetic acid, FD&C Yellow #5, oak extract). Additional guidance and examples regarding FIDS is available.
  • When selling compounded flavors to producers of beverage alcohol products the flavor manufacturer must disclose the composition of the flavor by submitting TTB Form 5154.1 or registering for Formulas Online and submitting formulas electronically to the NPL. This is regardless of whether those flavors contain alcohol. The most efficient way to submit this information is electronically using Formulas Online.






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