Use these tools to help you determine if your product needs formula approval, whether you can make changes to your approved label, or to estimate when your application is likely to be processed. We even have a tool that can help you learn how to navigate our site more efficiently.

  • Formula Approval Tool
    Don’t be confused about which beer, wine, and distilled spirit products require formula approval for a certificate of label approval, also known as a COLA (TTB Form 5100.31). Our formula approval tool can make that determination for you in just seconds!
  • Allowable Changes Sample Label Generator
    A picture can be worth a thousand words! Use this tool to determine what allowable changes you can make to your labels without obtaining a new COLA. Simply select your commodity and the change you want to make to your label, and the tool will generate sample labels for you that illustrate the change.
  • Processing Times Charts
    You've applied for a permit, certificate of label approval, or other approval from TTB. You can estimate when your application is likely to be processed with these up-to-date processing time charts.
  • New Visitors Guide
    If this is your first time to our site, you may need some help getting started. Learn about what the website has to offer.

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