Wine Labeling

Wine labels—which must be pre-approved by TTB—are an important source of information for consumers. This section provides resources intended to help take the mystery out of wine labeling regulations and procedures. For more specific commodity-related information, please visit the commodity tabs across the top of the homepage.

Wine Labeling Resources

  • Allowable Changes to Approved Labels – You can make certain changes to your labels without obtaining a new COLA. If you are considering making changes to previously approved labels, please review the complete list of allowable revisions—you may not need to send us the revised labels at all!
  • Industry Circular 2014-2, Expansion of Allowable Revisions to Approved Alcohol Beverage Labels
  • Grape Variety Designations on American Wine Labels – Only grape variety names approved by TTB may be used on labels for American wine. This page will guide you through the rules for using grape variety names; the process for approving new grape variety names; and the list of current grape variety names that have been approved for use.
  • COLAs OnlineCOLAs Online is an Internet based system that allows registered industry members to complete the label certification and approval process online.
  • Grape Wine Labels – This TTB brochure provides explanations of the information that must be provided to the public on a grape wine label.
  • Mandatory Labeling Requirements - The Beverage Alcohol Manual (BAM) for Wine is an Adobe Acrobat PDF with a detailed explanation of the information that must appear on any wine label.
  • Labels with Organic Claims – TTB provides you with the most up-to-date information for the production, handling, processing, labeling, and marketing of products labeled with organic claims.
  • Labeling Fact Review Methods – TTB periodically reviews labeling and advertising claims by taking samples of alcohol beverage products for validation purposes. TTB’s "Alcohol Fact Labeling Methods" page provides details on this process.
  • Market-based Sampling Programs - Through these programs TTB determines the rate of compliance by the alcohol industry with Federal alcohol beverage laws and regulations regarding advertising, labeling, and product content on an annual basis.
  • MOU Between TTB and the Agricultural Marketing Service – Agreement on the coordination of organic labeling and advertising.
  • Personalized Labels - TTB provides the beverage alcohol industry with clear guidance on our long standing policies as it relates to personalized labeling.
  • Pre-COLA Evaluation – For many alcohol beverage products, TTB requires a product evaluation to determine whether a proposed label identifies the product in an adequate and non-misleading way. Visit TTB’s "Formulation" pages to learn more.
  • Public COLA Registry Search – This internet application allows you to search for existing Certificates of Label Approval (COLAs). This is the public module of COLAs Online and requires no username or password. Per FOIA requirements, the registry contains details of approved, expired, surrendered or revoked COLAs for viewing by the general public.
  • Sample Wine Labels – Still not confident your label design will receive a COLA? Whether you are looking for inspiration or are simply curious, take a look at examples of various types of wine labels.
  • U.S. Appellations of Origin – Learn all about appellations of origin, approved U.S. viticultural areas, at TTB’s "U.S. Appellations of Origins" page. Learn about foreign appellations of origin, as well.
Page last reviewed/updated: 04/12/2019