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Distilled Spirits Permits

If you've decided to engage in a TTB regulated industry for distilled spirits, you must first qualify with TTB by applying for a permit to operate.  You can do this online (recommended) or file a *paper application. There is no fee at the federal level to apply for or maintain approval to operate TTB-regulated alcohol and tobacco businesses.

How to Qualify

Permits Online Application Process

Apply electronically using Permits Online to file your original application, make amendments, and track the status. Using this secure and free system eliminates the need to mail in forms, which saves you time and effort and generally results in faster processing of your application.

Paper Applications (Forms) and Packets

While we encourage the use of Permits Online to ensure accuracy and often faster processing time, you may elect to use the paper forms and mail them to TTB.

These informational packets address situations that do not require you to file an application or request permission to operate. In these specific cases, our packets provide instructions on obtaining a special service or fulfilling a special requirement for your type of business.

  • Disaster Claims: When certain natural disasters occur and alcohol or tobacco inventory is damaged, a business owner may file a claim for the excise taxes paid on the unmerchantable products. Under certain circumstances, the tax money may be refunded for alcohol and tobacco products. If you wish to file such a claim, read the flyer in this packet and follow the instructions.
  • Manufacturer of Nonbeverage Products (MNBP): Select this packet if you want to use taxpaid alcohol to manufacture perfume, medicines, medicinal preparations, food products, flavoring, or flavoring extracts and file drawback claims for all but $1 per proof gallon of the excise taxes paid on the spirits used in the manufacturing process.  

*See a complete list of applications not currently accepted electronically via Permits Online.



Questions? Contact us regarding Distilled Spirits online or at 877-882-3277 (Toll Free). For a complete listing of Distilled Spirits contacts see our contact us page. If you're having technical issues with our online applications contact the TTB Help Desk or see the TTB Online Help Center.

Last updated: March 8, 2024
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