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TTB Newsletter February 3, 2020

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February 3, 2020


Greetings! This week’s top news includes some leadership updates at TTB and new compliance guidance from TTB’s CiderCon Workshop.


TTB is announcing several updates within its leadership team, including a pilot management structure in one of our directorates designed to support our extensive program modernization efforts.  Please see below for your new points of contact in the Office of Permitting & Taxation and the Office of Headquarters Operations.  These changes are effective as of January 31, 2020.

Daniel Riordan has been reappointed to the position of Assistant Administrator, Permitting & Taxation, while continuing his Acting Deputy Administrator role.

Additionally, following the December 31, 2019, retirement of Thurla Skora, Director of the National Revenue Center (NRC), we are piloting two Deputy Assistant Administrators instead of backfilling the Director, NRC position at this time.

  • Andrew Seehusen, Deputy Assistant Administrator, Business Operations, Office of Permitting and Taxation, who is responsible for all permit and tax matters.

  • Pamela Sikowitz, Deputy Assistant Administrator, Strategic Infrastructure, Office of Permitting and Taxation, who is responsible for the directorate’s infrastructure and organizational preparedness functions.

Gail Davis is serving as Acting Assistant Administrator, Headquarters Operations.


Last week a team of TTB employees presented a four-hour compliance seminar to the cider industry at their annual conference.  We’ve posted the slides on our presentations resource page and we encourage anyone from the cider industry to download and use it as reference material when you have questions about TTB rules regarding permits, recordkeeping, taxes, operational reports, labeling, and formulas.

CiderCON 2020: TTB Workshop (January 2020)


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