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February 26, 2021


Greetings! This week we’re announcing the release of our 2020 Annual Report, upcoming improvements to COLAs Online, and the availability of our wine labeling presentation from a recent wine industry conference.


The TTB 2020 Annual Report is now available on

We present an annual report to communicate relevant performance and financial information regarding our programs and operations to our customers and stakeholders.

The TTB Annual Report highlights our program accomplishments for the fiscal year (October 1 – September 30) and offers a comparative look at our actual performance versus our target levels as set out in our annual performance budget. The report also provides financial information on TTB operations for that fiscal year.


In furtherance of our efforts to improve your experience for obtaining alcohol beverage label approvals, next week we will be adding a few new features to COLAs Online.

  • Trade name/DBA name drop down menu. Where you currently type in a trade name or doing business as name (DBA) that appears in the bottler/importer statement on the label, we’re adding a drop down feature that contains all the trade names/DBA names we have on file in Permits Online associated with the permit you’re using to apply for the COLA. Simply choose the name you are using on your label and move on.

    What if your trade name/DBA name isn’t displayed?  If the particular trade name or DBA name used on your label does not appear in the drop down menu, you’ll have the option to manually type it in.

    For approved COLAs where you manually enter the trade name/DBA name, you’ll find a qualification instructing you to amend your permit information to add the name.  The good news is, once you submit your update in Permits Online, your permit is immediately amended to include the new trade/DBA name, so next time you use it on a new label, it will appear in the drop down menu.
  • No more pop-up window. In response to user feedback regarding the pop-up window that appears in step 3 when you are uploading your labels, we’re moving it to the right of the screen, and, if you like, you may close it out to maximize screen space while you upload your label image files. We still feel that the information in that box is important and can save you from submitting labels with errors, but you will no longer have to close it out with each label upload.

We are committed to learning and listening to you in order to make system and process improvements that make things easier for you.


We’ve posted on our presentations resource page the wine labeling slide deck we used last week at the virtual Oregon Wine Symposium. We encourage anyone from the wine industry to download and use the presentation as reference material when you have questions about wine labeling.

Wine Labeling Overview (February 2021)

Conducting outreach and education is a priority for us. We are interested in your feedback on our efforts. If you attended a recent webinar, seminar, presentation, or other outreach event, please submit your comments to the Office of Industry and State Outreach.


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