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Drawback Tutorial

These instructions are for paper submissions; the most efficient way to submit these forms is electronically using Formulas Online. For help on how to register and submit formulas please see our presentation from the Formulas Online Nonbeverage Webinar.

Format of Submissions

The product’s composition is the part of the submission that allows TTB to determine whether it should be approved.  The format and quality of the information in this section is critical to the review process.  Incorrect, incomplete, or poorly formatted information are a major reason for delayed processing or return of submissions.  An example of a well-formatted entry in box 13 is shown below:

Ethanol 190 Proof

25.0 lbs

(3.7 gal)

Propylene glycol

55.8 lbs


Citric acid, anhydrous

8.7 lbs


Natural tannic acid

6.3 lbs


Raspberry essence (3% ethanol) purchased from HohoCo Inc.

4.1 lbs

(0.51 gal)

Ethyl butyrate (0.05 lbs) and other natural esters

0.09 lbs


Art trans 2-hexenal

0.05 lbs






100 lbs

(11.5 gal)




The product is unfit based on the level of propylene glycol.
Simple Mixture



The following items make this formula easy to process:

  1. The ingredient units are consistent.
  2. Ingredients are listed individually or in specific groups, such as natural esters.
  3. Limited ingredients are identified and quantified. 
  4. The weight of each ingredient or ingredient class is given along with the units. 
  5. Ingredients that contain ethanol list the percentage of alcohol, the weight of the component and its equivalent volume.
  6. The ingredient making the product unfit for beverage purposes is declared.
  7. A yield is given with the same units as the ingredients, and a statement about the process (simple mixture) is provided.

Using this information, the TTB chemist can review this formula relatively quickly.

Click here to view an example form.

Page last reviewed/updated: 02/11/2019