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September 25, 2020


Greetings! This week's top news includes an update on the TTB leadership team including the selection of Emily Streett, a new AVA called Candy Mountain, and two permit suspensions following a trade practice investigation.


In recent remarks to industry trade groups, Mary Ryan, TTB Administrator, noted that, "Over the past year, we've had a few vacant positions on our executive staff. We've used this challenge as an opportunity to rotate our executives and give them different experiences and challenges - and we are making progress in filling these positions."

We are pleased to announce the selection of the Assistant Administrator for Headquarters Operations, Emily Streett.

Ms. Streett is a lawyer in private practice, with decades of experience representing clients in a variety of industries, including import, export, and shipping. She has extensive tax, regulatory, and general corporate experience. Her regulatory experience includes intra-governmental dispute resolution at the Office of Legal Counsel at the Department of Justice. Ms. Streett has a master's degree in tax law and her tax experience includes international tax matters such as transfer pricing matters involving the sale of goods.

Here's a recap of who is currently serving in some of our key executive roles for programs and policy, including several acting assignments.

Deputy Administrator. This position is currently vacant, but we are looking to fill the position as soon as we can. In the interim, Elisabeth Kann is acting in this role.

Headquarters Operations.  Ms. Streett will report on October 26. At that time, Ms. Kann, who has been acting in this position, will resume the role of Assistant Administrator, External Affairs/Chief of Staff, as well as continuing to act as Deputy Administrator.

Field Operations. Nick Colucci, who was in this position, left September 11, after accepting a job in the private sector. We have a vacancy announcement open for the Assistant Administrator, Field Operations position, and we intend to fill it as quickly as we can. Ron Hancock is currently acting.

Permitting and Taxation. Dan Riordan is the executive over these operations.

Office of External Affairs/Chief of Staff. Jill Murphy is acting in this position, but will resume her role as the Director of the Office of Strategic Planning and Program Evaluation when Ms. Kann returns to the External Affairs position.


On Friday, September 25, 2020 we published T.D. TTB-163 in the Federal Register to establish the 815-acre Candy Mountain American viticultural area (AVA) in Benton County, Washington. We are also expanding the boundary of the existing 1,093-square mile Yakima Valley viticultural area by approximately 72 acres in order to avoid a partial overlap with the newly established Candy Mountain viticultural area. The final rule is effective on October 26, 2020. Candy Mountain and Yakima Valley are both located entirely within the established Columbia Valley viticultural area.

We are issuing this regulation in response to a petition submitted on behalf of local vineyard owners and vintners. TTB designates viticultural areas to allow vintners to better describe the origin of their wines and to allow consumers to better identify wines they may purchase.

See Docket No. TTB-2019-0006 on for all documents and public comments related to this rulemaking.


In August 2020, permit suspensions were served to The Red Hook Winery, LLC and Angels' Share Wine Imports, LLC—both in Brooklyn, New York—for violations of the Federal Alcohol Administration Act.  Red Hook Winery’s violations included engaging in unlawful consignment sales, producing distilled spirits without a permit, and labeling violations. Angels' Share Wine Imports, LLC, also known as "Angels' Share North", was alleged to have engaged in the purchase of wine on consignment from Red Hook Winery and numerous other entities. For detailed information regarding these and other suspensions, please visit our Administrative Actions page.



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