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Completely Denatured Alcohol


Completely Denatured Alcohol

  • There are 5 approved completely denatured alcohol (CDA) formulations prescribed in TTB regulations: CDA 12-A, 18, 19, 20, and 35.
  • The ethanol is denatured pursuant to the formulas in 27 CFR part 21, which are also explained on the TTB website on the CDA Rulings page.
  • Formula approval on TTB Form 5150.19 is not required to make a CDA formulation and a customer does not need a permit to purchase one. 
  • Only TTB registered distilled spirits plants (DSP) can make CDA.

A DSP may be authorized to add a small quantity of an odorant, rust inhibitor, or dye to CDA. However, the written request must be submitted to the Chief of the Nonbeverage Products Laboratory and the addition can only be made after receiving written TTB approval.

When adding odorants or perfume materials to CDA, the material may not be added in amounts greater than 1 part to 250 by weight. However, such addition shall not decrease the denaturing value nor change the chemical or physical constants beyond the limits of the specifications for these denaturants as prescribed in subpart E, except as to odor.  Proprietors of distilled spirits plants using denaturants to which such odorants or perform materials have been added shall inform the appropriate TTB officer, in writing, of the names and properties of the odorants or perfume materials so used.





Last updated: January 5, 2020