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General-Use Formulas


General-Use Formulas

The approved articles are made in accordance with 27 CFR 20.111 through 20.124. These articles do not require formula approval on TTB Form 5150.19 and the customer does not need a permit to purchase an article made in accordance with a general-use formula. However, the manufacturer must maintain records of the SDS used pursuant to Subpart P of 27 CFR part 20.

The manufacturer shall make sure that the article is unfit for beverage use and not capable of being reclaimed or diverted to beverage use or internal human use. 27 CFR § 20.111(c).

A statement of process on TTB Form 5150.19 or electronically through Formulas Online is still required for any of the circumstances described in 27 CFR § 20.94.

Please see 27 CFR §§ 20.111-20.124 for complete requirements.



Last updated: January 14, 2019