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Requests for New Denaturants



Requests for New Denaturants

For valid reasons, a new denaturant for an SDA formula may be authorized by TTB. The request for a new denaturant must be submitted to the Chief of the Nonbeverage Products Laboratory on company letterhead.

  • Each request shall be submitted by the manufacturer of the article or process;
  • Identify the manufacturer by name, address, and permit number;
  • State the number of each formula of specially denatured alcohol involved;
  • Explain why the use of the substitute denaturant, or the variation from specifications, as the case may be, is necessary;
  • Include, as applicable, either the identity of the approved denaturant for which substitution is desired and the identity and specifications of the substitute denaturant (including the name of the manufacturer) or the identity of the prescribed specifications and the proposed variation from those specifications;
  • Include the quantity of denaturant that will be added to each 100 gallons of alcohol;
  • Be accompanied by TTB Form 5150.19 for the article or process in which the new denaturant will be used; and
  • In some situations, an 8 fluid ounce sample of the proposed denaturing material may be needed for analysis.



Last updated: April 2, 2024